JPMC acknowledges with pride and joy the contribution of all the National Award recipients, who not only made a mark for themselves, but made JPMC appear on the national scene repeatedly. At the same time, we rejoice and affirm the efforts of all those other people, who have made a substantial contribution in making JPMC what it is today, even though they may not have been conferred an award.


Col. M. H. ShahTamgha-e-Pakistan1959
Lt. Col. Shaukat SyedSitara-e-Imtiaz1976
Prof. S. Hamid ShafqatTamgha-e-Quaid-e-Azam 1967
Dr. Abdul Haque KhanTamgha-e-Khidmat1967
Mrs. N. F. Halim Pride of Performance1967
Prof. S. Mohib ur RabSitara-e-Imtiaz1980
Prof. Faiz Mohammad KhanPride of Performance1995
Prof. Iqtedar Hussain Bhatti Sitara-e-Imtiaz1999
Prof. M. Sultan FarooquiSitara-e-Imtiaz2004
Prof. Kazi Abdul ShakoorSitara-e-Imtiaz2004
Prof. Faiz Mohammad Khan Sitara-e-Imtiaz2004
Dr. Sarwar Jehan Zuberi Tamgha-e-Khidmat2005
Dr. Huma Qureshi Tamgha-e-Khidmat2006
Mrs. Mywish Nadir BalochPride of Performance2007
Dr. Syed Abdul MujeebPride of Performance2008

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